“Anita and Dave are infinitely listenable”  - Memphis Jones

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

This folk duo combines the dulcet tones of Anita's vocals with Dave's crisp, technically-savvy guitar riffs to bring a sound that is both sweet and edgy.” - Dave VanOsdol

Plainfolk Live

Anita and the Daves music has been wonderful every time I've seen them....Dave's guitar work is technically amazing without loosing one bit of soul and his arrangements for the guitar are always impeccable and tasteful. Anita's clear and beautiful voice (unless she wants it rockin and raspy) has a range that matches the huge range of their repertoire. ” - Wayne

G WAYNE - Musician/Songwriter/Artist

Dave's guitar playing is above average” - Dave's Mom

“It was more than I expected” - Dave's neighbor

Great vibe, cool groove, they've got it all.” - Judy C

— Fan post